Using biodynamic and permaculture practices, Juniper Jungle Farm strives for beyond organic standards to grow the freshest heirloom produce and meat in Central Oregon. Our products are available at local farmers markets or through our 18 week CSA.

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Our Season

Our Season

The growing season in Central Oregon is brief compared to more temperate climates which can be a challenge. At Juniper Jungle Farm, the growing season begins in early spring inside of greenhouses and under row covers. Hearty seeds are directly sown in the soil as early as possible and more tender seedlings are started in areas where they are protected from frost and cold winds. Harvesting begins in late May and early June with the CSA program and farmers markets beginning in mid-June. Vigorous growth occurs during the warm months of July and August and will continue into September and October depending what the fall frosts are like. Hearty crops like kale and chard continue to be harvested into November. Crops such as onions and garlic are planted before the ground freezes in the fall and tend to be some of the first things showing in spring.

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