Using biodynamic and permaculture practices, Juniper Jungle Farm strives for beyond organic standards to grow the freshest heirloom produce and meat in Central Oregon. Our products are available at local farmers markets or through our 18 week CSA.

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JJF 2016 Fall CSA Share Pickup

Hello 2016 CSA members,

I hope you all have been enjoying the mild fall this year. It has been
pleasant work weather as we prepare the farm for winter. We have our last
weekly share for this years CSA coming up this week.

Pick Up Dates
Tuesday 11/15/2016 – At the farm 3 PM to 6 PM
Sunday 11/20/2016– At the farm 10 AM to 2PM

Farm Address
22135 Erickson Road
Bend, OR 97701

I can also place produce boxes in a cooler at the end of our driveway for
dates/times other than the listed dates with plenty of notice from you if
the schedules times don’t work.

Produce Boxes will be a burlap bag filled to the brim of potatoes, storage
onions, garlic, winter squash, leeks, and ill see what other goodies are
still hiding out in the field.

Please reply email or call to confirm your date

Sincerely, your farmer

Chris Casad

541 815 6483



Our 4th annual Sunset Supper is on August 21, 2016!

For ticket availability please call 541-480-9273, we are under 5 tickets available so online signup is strut down, thanks!


2016 CSA Shares are now available!

Secure your 2016 CSA Share now!


Sunset Supper tickets On Sale NOW!

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Save the Date! Farm Dinner is 8/30/15.


Farm Movie Night!


A big thanks!


A big thanks to our community of supporters signing up and getting the early bird discount. It is already shaping out to be a record year on many fronts of the farm. Our word of mouth growth has been outstanding, but we also have a creative CSA Manager, who also happens to make our website and awesome social media ads! Allison Murphy gets it done and has an awesome farm collection building! See below,

Your Farmer, Chris Casad







Farmer Chris’ Notes 10/27/14

Well, fall is here and only up until last week would you have known it. This mild autumn time has really made for a productive October as the plants have been responding with vigor. It has pushed back a lot of the potato harvest because we need them to cure for a few weeks after a top killing frost, but the potatoes are plenty and I hope you and your families can enjoy JJF spuds all winter long! The cows and pigs are getting fat and are enjoying the fall field cleanup as any edible scraps are all theirs! We have also been busy collecting seed and over winter will process and package them for your backyard food forest and garden needs in 2015. A big thanks to my crew and committed volunteers for a milestone year.


Farmer Chris’ notes 4/14/14

4/14/14, a good day! I’m a proud farmer; this year is the earliest I have had a crop ready and harvesting out of the field under row cover and not a greenhouse. A big step in my mind for the thought of local food security. Arugula will be for sale this Saturday at earth day; spinach available here shortly.

Your farmer, Chris



Farmer Chris’ Notes 3/17

Well there has been some exciting new explorations into furthering our practice of biodynamic farming. We have been sourcing and procuring the ingredients to start making our own biodynamic preparations. We were able to source the preparations for this year from a larger biodynamic farm in California. The application day starts at sunrise, the preparation is added to water and spun for 1 hour, and from there we tractor sprayed and hand broadcasted it over 15 acres. This has been a new evolution for me besides using the annual biodynamic planting calendar, its a big leap of faith like all farming. For me, this is the next big step in our own local/farm based fertility to help create the balanced food security system of selling and eating local, but also the farms fertility being local as well.

Garlic and fall direct sown onions are sprouting up, spring planted spinach and arugula are under row cover and doing well. Seeding in the greenhouse has been ramping up, and soon will be the second home for the next few months, with the third home, the tractors, with the new 5 acres will be busier than ever.

Permaculture tips of the month will start my next farmers notes. Enjoy the roller coaster spring of sunny, windy, rainy, and snowy  Central Oregon, we sure will be.

Your farmer, Chris Casad

IMG_5668biodynamic prep 3 16 004

IMG_5671biodynamic prep 3 16 005

IMG_5673biodynamic prep 3 16 002