Using biodynamic and permaculture practices, Juniper Jungle Farm strives for beyond organic standards to grow the freshest heirloom produce and meat in Central Oregon. Our products are available at local farmers markets or through our 18 week CSA.

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Juniper Jungle Dollars

Juniper Jungle Dollars

Juniper Jungle Dollars is a way to help the farm by purchasing early and taking advantage of the reward during the market season. Spring time on the farm is when all the new equipment and seed need to be purchased. With this program we are offering an alternative to committing to a CSA, while still giving you the opportunity to invest in local organic food grown at Juniper Jungle Farm. JJ Dollars can be used at the farm on open Tuesdays or at the local farmers markets that we attend. JJ Dollars are good until Thanksgiving of the year they were purchased.

Juniper Jungle Dollars are issued via a gift certificate, but we will keep track of your running total so you won’t have to. The gift certificates make great gifts for your favorite foodie and local farm lover!



We are offering two different options of ‘more bang for your buck,’ and if you purchase before June 1st you will receive and extra $5. You are welcome to buy these certificates in any amount – email allison@juniperjunglefarm.com if you’d like a custom certificate or two.

$45 to get $50 of goods:

$90 to get $100 dollars of goods:

$200 to get $225 dollars of goods:

$400 to get $450 dollars of goods:

Because we are a small farm working with no subsidies to bring you the freshest heirloom produce in the High Desert, every dollar counts. Before you choose to pay with PayPal, will you consider paying with cash or check? We’d love to see our communities’ dollars stay in our community. If you do choose to pay via PayPal, we ask that you pay the fees associated with that transaction. Thanks!