Using biodynamic and permaculture practices, Juniper Jungle Farm strives for beyond organic standards to grow the freshest heirloom produce and meat in Central Oregon. Our products are available at local farmers markets or through our 18 week CSA.

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Farmer Chris’ Notes 10/27/14

Well, fall is here and only up until last week would you have known it. This mild autumn time has really made for a productive October as the plants have been responding with vigor. It has pushed back a lot of the potato harvest because we need them to cure for a few weeks after a top killing frost, but the potatoes are plenty and I hope you and your families can enjoy JJF spuds all winter long! The cows and pigs are getting fat and are enjoying the fall field cleanup as any edible scraps are all theirs! We have also been busy collecting seed and over winter will process and package them for your backyard food forest and garden needs in 2015. A big thanks to my crew and committed volunteers for a milestone year.


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